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Interconnected Market Place

The original International Market Place was home to many small business kiosks, its reinvention was a catalyst to drive inspirations of the past with a fresh approach. The Dukes Lane logo carries hints of classic Hawaii with its vintage ocean hues and hand lettered surfer vibes. And like the many stalls in the original market place, the Dukes Lane menu alludes to the separate, yet interconnected businesses by its interlocking block design.
Logo design, Brand Identity, Packaging, Print, Environmental

One element of inspiration was the former The International Market Place: it was an expansive maze of little kiosks, selling all kinds of souvenirs and products. This gridded pattern is a nod to that crowded hub, representing the various vendors today at Dukes Lane.

SDG provided on-site art direction working along side Honolulu-based photographer Dana Edmunds (